Wednesday, September 3, 2014


WELL, APPARENTLY I TOOK THE MONTH OF AUGUST OFF.  Dr. Janos Rukh has gotten the ole interocitor revved up and we're ready FINALLY for another round of themed songs for your hungry ears. 

Well, the heat-shielding on the lunar observatory has done a rather fine job of screening out the burning harsh rays of the sun but recently there has been a bit of a heat wave going on around here -- so we're bringing you a picnic basket of "heat" songs in the box over there on your right:
  1. HEAT WAVE  -  Lee Wiley
  2. IN THE HEAT OF THE MORNING  -  David Bowie
  3. BODYHEAT  -  James Brown
  4. HEAT OF THE MOMENT  -  Asia
  5. WHITE LIGHT/WHITE HEAT  -  Mick Ronson
  6. THE BIG HEAT  -  Stan Ridgway
  7. BRITAIN'S HEAT WAVE  -  Alistair Cooke
  8. CANNED HEAT  -  Jamiroquai
  9. (LOVE IS LIKE A) HEAT WAVE  -  Martha & the Vandellas

Saturday, August 23, 2008

INAUGURAL POSTING - THE CREATURE LIVES! Hello and welcome to my little experiment. It may thrill you a little and. . .chill you a little. It was my intention to have this be my "all audio" blog but naturally the amount (size) of audio I am able to put up here is minute in the extreme. My inaugural post was going to be an episode of the old radio show SUSPENSE featuring H.P. Lovecraft's "The Dunwich Horror" starring Ronald Colman. But of course a 24 minute soundfile was apparently too big. So, until I can somehow manage to either upload sound files at a lower quality so that they won't be too large to post (are you listening, Fink!), I will be posting smaller but by no means lesser audio files, songs and stories that I will be drawing down from the galaxy of Andromeda.