Tuesday, February 24, 2015



This week in the lunar observatory, we've all gone looney with moon madness!  Dr. Janos Rukh has cracked open a passle of sonic treasure he had buried in a Doo Dads box

 hidden out on the Sea of Tranquility.  These are songs and stories we've been saving for a rainy (or to be exact "meteor-showery" day) so polish up your earlobes because it's going to be an interesting listening experience.  We've got some hot jazz and some cold and clammy songs that just lie there.  We've got poetry and spooky stories.  We've got some western swing and some surf guitar, some loungey space-age bachelor pad music, some sci-fi  soundtrack sweetness and some hippy dippy nonsense!  It all awaits here this week from the lunar observatory to you.  And fear not, true believers, because this is only week one of our looney lunar madhouse!  Join us next week for another 20 terrifically twisted tunes.  But for now, click over in that box on the right to listen to all the wacky wonderfulness.
  1. I LOVE PARIS by Screamin' Jay Hawkins (from his 1958 album "AT HOME WITH SCREAMIN' JAY HAWKINS)
  2. FORBIDDEN PLANET:  MAIN TITLE & OVERTURE by Louis & Bebe Barron (from the soundtrack to the 1956 sci-fi classic)
  3. CHANGING CHANNELS. . . by Various Artists from the 2000 BRAIN IN A BOX cd set
  4. BROWN SKIN GAL by The Charmer (from his 1954 Calypso album.  Of course, you know that "The Charmer" was the name of Calypso crooner Louis Farrakhan!)
  6. THE FLOWER CHILDREN by Marcia Strassman (from her 1967 album -- yes, the late Marcia Strassman, who died last year, is best known as Mrs. Kotter in the TV sitcom "WELCOME BACK, KOTTER" but she originally had a short singing career as a folky hippy!)
  7. THE FALL OF THE HOUSE OF USHER by Buddy Morrow & His Orchestra (from his macabre-lounge classic 1960 LP "POE FOR MODERNS")
  8. TWO BOYS IN A HAUNTED HOUSE by Judson Fountain & Sandor Weisberger (from the spooky storytelling/radio drama-y album "COMPLETELY IN THE DARK!")
  9. THEME FOR "HONEY WEST" by Ray Martin & His Orchestra (from his 1965 spy-rrific 1965 LP "THUNDERBALL & OTHER THRILLER MUSIC)
  10. MISTER SUN (LE SOLEIL) by Brigitte Bardot  (from the soundtrack album of her 1968 TV special "THE BRIGITTE BARDOT SHOW")
  11. I WANT TO HOLD YOUR HAND by Banda Plastica de Tepetlixpa Mexico (from their LP "ADIOS A LOS BEATLES")
  12. THE WAY THROUGH THE WOODS read by Robert Donat (from the poem by Rudyard Kipling)
  13. PICO AND SEPULVEDA by Felix Figueroa & His Orchestra (which I grew to know and love for years as the opening theme song played on "THE DR. DEMENTO SHOW")
  14. COOL COWBOY by Cliffie Stone  (from his album of the same name)
  15. ROCKIN' PNEUMONIA by The Rattles  (from their 1965 LP "HURRA, DIE RATTLES KOMMEN -- note how the German rockers pronounce the title as "rockin' PUmonia")
  16. E.V.A. by Jean-Jacques Perry (from his 1970 LP "MOOG INDIGO")
  17. MOON OVER BEATLAND by The Joe Corney Multi-Organ Sound (from the 1960 shared LP "THE GEORGE KING/JOE CORNEY ORGAN SOUNDS")
  18. CUT MY HAIR by The Lords (from their 1970 LP "ULLEOGAMAXBE" -- here's another German rock & roll band but this time they seem to have been listening to too many Kinks records!)
  19. SPADELLA by Spade Cooley (and this is probably the first song we've posted by an actual convicted murderer -- the King of Western Swing was arrested in the sixties for murdering his wife!)
  20. THE WITCHING HOUR by Lew Davies & His Orchestra (from his 1961 LP "STRANGE INTERLUDE")
And that's it for this week.  Tune in your interocitors to this blog next week when we'll have 20 more examples of moon madness music!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

INAUGURAL POSTING - THE CREATURE LIVES! Hello and welcome to my little experiment. It may thrill you a little and. . .chill you a little. It was my intention to have this be my "all audio" blog but naturally the amount (size) of audio I am able to put up here is minute in the extreme. My inaugural post was going to be an episode of the old radio show SUSPENSE featuring H.P. Lovecraft's "The Dunwich Horror" starring Ronald Colman. But of course a 24 minute soundfile was apparently too big. So, until I can somehow manage to either upload sound files at a lower quality so that they won't be too large to post (are you listening, Fink!), I will be posting smaller but by no means lesser audio files, songs and stories that I will be drawing down from the galaxy of Andromeda.